October 19, 2009


So now that Freesia is 6 weeks old I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of her. She is a happy, healthy little girl and we could'nt be more pleased with both her and Vivian.

Here's the sisters
Viv looking so cute and knowing it too.
Vivian loved standing a watching Freesia while she was in the bilibed. Freesia needed to stay in the bed for a couple days when she first got home from the hospital to help with her jaundice.

Freesia Miles

One of the first times Vivian held Freesia. She wasn't quite sure she liked it. Freesia is yawning not screaming, don't worry.

Vivian and Freesia "coloring together"

We had portraits done of the girls when Freesia was two weeks old. Here's a few of those shots. These are the unedited originals so you may notice some rough edges in them.

June 5, 2009


We took a trip to portland, ME in may. We were checking out the area to see if we would like to move out there. We loved it and have a goal set to move next summer. Here we are at the famous port head light house.

Uncle Nate, Aunt Rosemary, and cousin Guthrie were able to drive up from Mass to visit with us. Here's Vivian and Guthrie playing at the beach together. Both kiddos loved the sand and water.


A big smile from one cute little boy

Kristi is 6 months along in her pregnancy.

We visited Pineland Farms, a local dairy, where we met the cows and saw how cheese was made
Sure smelled bad but Vivian loved seeing the cows up close and personal

Here's the cousins swinging at a park in downtown portland. It was right on the water and just beautiful. Brothers and babies
Shopping at the Whole Foods in downtown Portland, where Jens hopes to find a job.

Vivian making goofy faces in the hot tub at our vacation house

A few long due pics

We spent an afternoon at the local petting zoo. Here's Viv on a tractor just her size.

With the chickens

On a big full size antique tractor

pointing at the goats

Playing in her crabbie sandbox. She spends a lot of time here these days

Birthday balloons for her party.

1st birtday party at the Denver Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Teten, and Gamma LiLi. She had yummy blueberry cheese torte, but disapointingly did not make a mess of herself with it.

She loved walking in front of the windows all by herself and getting up close to the animals

She got to see two elephants getting a bath
The fam

January 2, 2009

Okay so I only got one picture of this day but Viv and I drove down to Colorado Springs to visit because Joy and Noelle were in town. We got both the girls in the tub together that night and they had so much fun. Vivian playing the piano at Grandma Teten's

Our little snow bunny, sporting her new boots (which are way too huge this year), snow pants, jacket, mittens, and hat. I don't think she was cold at all. Except for her tounge maybe :)

Sage Bug

Vivian's friend Sage has started coming over two days a week while her parents are working. She and Viv love copying each other, sharing toys, and chatting back and forth. Sage is crawling and standing on her own, I think she might teach Viv a thing or two in that department. Viv does walk at high speeds around the furniture now and lean forward from sitting to get on her belly to reach toys. We are still having to help her up from laying down or up to standing. Here's the girls reading some books together. I do have to keep a close eye on Sage as she loves to shred books with her four teeth.

Sometimes they end up eating a meal at the same time. Viv is so sweet she always trys to feed Sage some of her finger foods.

Alright, the first birthay of any of the babies in Viv's play group. Elsa turned one and had a party. All the babies really enjoyed her new birthday present, a play center made for babies who still need support to stand. Here's Vivian and Oliver sharing it.
The birthday girl Elsa and her mother Elizabeth.

Look at how big all Viv's little friends are getting. L-R Claire, Oliver, Sage, Elsa, Vivian, Orion, and I can't remember the other girls name. It was the first and only time we've met her.

December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and more

We had a wonderful holiday weekend down in Monument, CO visiting with the Davis family. Jens did most of the cooking on thanksgiving but everyone else helped out here and there. Lindsy and Braden were married on Saturday so a lot of the extended relatives were in town. Vivian got to meet a lot of new people and overall she was very happy to do so. She was a little clingy to mommy and daddy but laughed and screeched to be around such a fun group. Nate and Rosemary made it out so she was able to spend some more time with Cousin Guthrie.

Ganny was so happy to spend some time with both her great grandchildren

Vivian made friends with two more dogs. Meg the golden retriever and a pomeranian/american eskimo named Ally
Bathtime in Gamma and Papa's ducky tub! One night both babies got in the big tub together and we snapped lots of pictures and took video so we can embarrass them later on in life :)In her christmas pjs with her best friend Gibblet